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Reserve Paintball fields
in Materia

or call
+386 70 330 080 (after 3pm)

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Paintball for children in Slovenia
(near Koper and Trieste)

Are you between 9 and 13 years old and want to play paintball? NOW YOU CAN !!! Thanks to the new JT spletmaster markers (spring loaded) and protective equipment (mask, camouflage suit, protective bodice, gloves and neck protection). 

Organize an event, a birthday party, a party or a simple repatriation between friends and discover the world of Paintball on our shooting fields !!!


Reserve the Materia paintball shooting field for children!


paintball otroci


Watch our video:


The cost for an hour and a half is 21 euros per person with all the equipment and the necessary paint balls. Minimum 12 players.


Questions and Answers on Paintball for Kids:

- What is the minimum age to play paintball?
The participation age ranges from 9 to 13 years old.

- What kind of equipment is used?
They will use a marker (gun) spring-loaded and suitable for small children, safe, that shoots colored paint balls. Children receive all the protective equipment (mask, camouflage suit, protective vest, gloves and neck protection).

- What is the minimum number of participants?
You can play with a minimum of 12 players. If you exceed the maximum number of 20 people we will be organizing a team tournament.

- How long does a game last?
The entire game including explanation and animation lasts for one and a half hours.

- How does it work?
Children will be accompanied by instructors who will follow an initial briefing and follow them in the field.

- Recommended clothing?
We advise to wear long pants and a sweatshirt / t-shirt. The paint dirties, but it does not stain, as it is completely washable.

- How are the fields?
The playing area is outdoors in the woods.

- Can one rent the picnic area for a celebration?
Yes, for a limited time you can organize a celebration under our roof.

-Do we need to have the parents’ consent?
Yes, minors are required to bring written consent from their parents.Release for minors.

-Do you have paintball invitation for birthday party?

Yes, check our paintball birthday party invitations.



- Always wear the protective mask when using the JT SplatMaster
- Non-gamers within the playing area must also wear the protective mask.
- Keep the safety system ON and the plug installed when not playing with your JT SplatMaster. 
- Always point the JT SplatMaster in a safe direction.
- Do not aim at people who do not play against you (with proper face protection) or animals. 
- Always handle the JT SplatMaster carefully and never look at the barrel. 
- When you are not shooting, take your finger off the trigger.
- Learn to look into the lens and figure out what you're shooting at.
- don’t shoot at something you don’t know. 
- Always focus on a target before putting your finger on the trigger.


Reserve the Materia paintball shooting field for children!